AI in Hiring

2024 Trends, Insights & Predictions

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What role does 
AI play in hiring?

Learn how prevalent AI is and how 
your peers are using it.


How can I leverage
AI responsibly?

Get tips on minimizing security and ethical risks.

ai replace

Will AI replace the
role of recruiter?

See hiring professionals’ latest predictions.

AI in Hiring

AI is revolutionizing 
hiring. How do your 
processes compare?

We surveyed over 400 hiring professionals 
to uncover the latest AItrends, strategies, 
and predictions.

These insights and best practices will help you 
confidently navigate the new hiring landscape.

Did you know…

  • Nearly half of hiring managers 
use AI in the recruiting process.

  • AI’s ethical concerns were top 
of mind for 92% of hiring 
professionals surveyed.

  • 56% of hiring professionals 
think AI will make recruiters’ 
roles more specialized.