Pay for Performance: The most flexible way to advertise your jobs

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At CareerBuilder, we’re flipping the script on traditional recruiting approaches.

Say goodbye to the status quo and hello to a dynamic partnership that’s all about thriving together. Our Pay For Performance solution transforms our collaboration into a powerhouse of innovation, results, and wins. 

CareerBuilder's new Pay For Performance program ensures you only pay when we deliver real, measurable outcomes. Our team is committed to driving the results that matter most to your business.

We're doing that by providing three key benefits:

  • Greater flexibility: Make data-driven adjustments to your job postings, based on performance trends and analysis
  • Lower costs: Whether it's a started application or a completed application, you'll only pay for the started or completed applications you receive
  • Pay for results: Our team works with you to help monitor performance and optimize your job postings to ensure you're attracting the right candidates

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